Metal Block
A Token, Backed by Gold

we offer a erc20 token based on gold, safe, stable,
profitable direct from miners in ivory coast.
We are present in trust wallet find metalblock mtbk erc20
activity to beta test. Override the digitally arranged coins.


Watch the video below to know more about us.

How we Work

For every token, we have equivalent reserve of gold 100 hectars licence zone 5,000,000 tokens , 1 mtbk = 0.02 grams gold, almost 5.000.000 countervalue in usd first emission 15% discount on a gold price

Ready to get started?

Take a little bit of your time to read through our whitepaper. Features

Below is a list of out features, what we possess.

Invest in Metalblock

A comunity of investors can buy a token who rappresent gold will be extracted at discount. Is like a future you buy today gold with discount , and you token will be backed up with equivalent gold at maturity.

State Program

Ivory coast support mineral extraaction program. We also support local couminty inveting part of money to create hospital, school and so on.


all token is linked to the physical reserve of Gold, stored on a third party and certified


We issue toke with discount and every token represent gold to be extracted. At maturity GOLD RESERVE = METALBLOCK TOKEN
  • list-img Saftey
  • list-img ERC20
  • list-img Ethical
  • list-img Backed by Gold
  • list-img Legal
  • list-img Supported by State
  • list-img Digitized Gold
  • list-img 1 MTBK = 0.02 Grams of Gold
  • list-img Transparent
  • list-img 600 Hecatars Licences
  • list-img Always Liquid
  • list-img Help Local Economy

Project Roadmap

Our project being a growing organism, we have a timeline.

Licence Africa


Start Work


First exploration


Logistics Making


Define scheme of metalblock and investment of $850,000


Metalblock Blockchain


Listing on Exchanges


We are digitizing gold for easy mobility.

Download Whitepaper

The MetalBlock Team

We have buil a strong team over the years in order the make this project beneficial to you.

Marise Bohoussou

Lawyer Ivory Coast

Aigerim Torobaeva

Central Asia marketing specialist

Chr├ętien Kalibi

Africa Relations

Natalia Petukhova

Blockchain specialist Daisy Consulting Ltd

Andrea Grifagni

Mining and Ivoiry Coast relationships Spam SRL

Benjamin Dje Bi Dje

Ivory Cost Mining DBD International SARL

Chanyapat Lampai

Bangkok Advisor

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