The MetalBlock
A Token, Backed by Gold

We offer a Safe, Stable and Profitable
the price of gold. Gold will be mined directly from
Ivory Coast, Western Africa. We are present in
Trust Wallet. Find Metalblock MTBK ERC20 to check.
Contract : 0x1dfec1cf1336c572c2d2e34fe8f6aa2f409c8251

Metalblock is a REAL project based on extraction of gold in ivory coast.

All documents regarding this project are public and can see on section “documents”.
The logic of metalblock is very simple. Every token represents 0.02g of gold.

We sell token with a huge discount because we have to finance extraction.
First emission 5.000.000 metalblock gold tokens represent 100KG of gold, are made according to geological analysis and are less than 10% of the expected amount of gold in the site.
All gold extracted will be store on a third party to grant token.
The expected time to cover the full amount of token is 18 Months from the end IEO.

Gold price per gram 57.15$

Potential value of metalblock token (0.02g gold) = 1.14$

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Watch the video below to learn more about Metalblock

How do we Work

For every token, we have equivalent reserve of gold with the license for 100 hectares. The token is issued with total supply of 5,000,000 tokens to give investors the opportunity to invest in this project at a big discount in order to help us facilitate the gold mining processes. 1 MTBK = 0.02 grams of gold.

Ready to get started?

Take a little bit of your time to read out documents

MetalBlock Gold Token Features

Below is a list of our characteristics. What we own and ready to offer you

Invest in Metalblock

1 MTBK=0.02 grams of gold. Simple , transparent and easy.
First 5.000.000 MTBK will be sold at a BIG discount in order to finance the extraction of gold.

State Program

Ivory Coast supports mineral extraction program. We also support local community by investing part of the money for the creation of hospitals, schools and so on.


All tokens are linked to the physical reserve of Gold, which is certified and stored by a third party. Gold is Gold, Crypto is Crypto. Metalblock is the best combination of both.
  • list-img Safe
  • list-img ERC20
  • list-img Ethical
  • list-img Backed by Gold
  • list-img Legal
  • list-img Supported by State
  • list-img Digitized Gold
  • list-img 1 MTBK = 0.02 gram of Gold
  • list-img Transparent
  • list-img 100 Hectars Licenced
  • list-img Always Liquid
  • list-img Help Local Economy

Project Roadmap

Our project being a growing organism, we have a timeline.

License Africa


Start Work


First exploration


Logistics Making


Start Metalblock investment of $850,000


Metalblock Blockchain


Listing on Exchanges


Gold is gold, Metalblock are better

Download Whitepaper

License and analysis

Metalblock Team

We have built a strong team over the years in order the make this project beneficial for you.

Listing ChainX on May 11 2020

Metalblock(MTBK)token will be listed on Monday, May 11 at 17:00(KST). ChainX exchange support the deposit and withdrawal of Metalblock(MTBK). Please refer this notice and ChianX...

ChainX Start IEO

Today march 10 , 2020 is possibile buy token on Chainx at 0.85usd. HARD CAP IS 1.500.000,00 token. Can order token from here Feel free...

IEO Start soon

    ChainX IEO start March 10 2020. Every token represents 0.02gram of gold. All equivalent gold will be extracted on a licensed site in...


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