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Countercheck always documents.

Exist a lot of projects related to gold. Pity, many of these projects are fake.
Keep in mind always to check the license and be sure it is in favor of a real company with real people inside.

Official govt site

Click to access the official site of cadastre portal licenses of ivory coast and countercheck as in pdf documents

DBD International is the company who operates and is in charge of extraction processes.
Kotia hedge LTD is the company who provides service of making smart contracts and all gold blockchain development.

All documents are public. Please, don’t make confusion. Check gov. sites and official website of Cadastre of Ivory Coast to make sure that license is real, the company exists, and read the report of geological  analyses made by authorities.

In the net, many people try to define the realness or falsity of  a project without paying attention to the documentation.

Check data.

All documentation is public.  For any other questions and details you are welcome to contact us directly.

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gold blockchain
gold blockchain

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metalblock gold coin,is a erc20 ethereum coin, smartcontract id : 0x1dfec1cf1336c572c2d2e34fe8f6aa2f409c8251