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We support Ivory Coast Society

we belive benefit have to be shared and we decide to invest in territory supporting social projects

We invest not less than 5% of us equity in social projects

Looking to the future for children and local economy

All social development connected to our mineral concession will be held in the selected area of Moussadougou, in the province of Bouaflè and Syntra, Bazre and Kokoumbo in the rural area of Yamaussokro.
Our projects will focus as a first step in an area with population between 30.000 up to 50.000 people. All founds addresed to the projects are connected to the results of the exploitation of our concessions, for this reason are increasing their financing within the development of the mineral project.

Programs & Initiatives



It is the credit system of the banks of the poor. The goal of the project is to provide micro loans to the poorest, to those to whom no bank will ever give funding. The recipients must demonstrate to carry out or start activities in agriculture, breeding or craft, able to self-produce profits over time with which to support not only their families, but also to set aside small savings, buy a small share of the company and necessarily repay the loan money. This is a great opportunity, created for 200 entreprise to get out of humiliation and exclusion, to acquire dignity and self-esteem.

Canteen for children

A cafeteria for poor village children will be created, offering them the opportunity to eat at least once a day. The children will be, every day, more than 500 who need help to eat. The funds allocated to the canteen are sent periodically to support current expenses Solidarity farming The project pursues two main objectives: to stimulate the development of about 200 local farmer capacities and to facilitate global ‘partnerships’ capable of introducing African products into the global market network with social responsibility. We will start an  agricultural production with a local product to enter the Italian market through an
Italian supermarket network, which will sell the products with a brand created ad hoc. Thanks to this supply chain, households obtain the proceeds from the sale of agricultural products to the importers of the Italian supermarket chain, and those from the local sale of surplus products: this allows them to go beyond a subsistence economy, to be able to bear the costs for medical treatment and sending children to school.

Health project

Headquarters called Casa della Salute will be built. The centers will be run by a nurse and a doctor will came weekly and will be provided assistance to about 2000 people, including many children under the age of 5 who are those most at risk of malnutrition. This goal will be crucial to plan and maintain vaccination coverage on nearly 1000 children and provide initial assistance and first triage to around 2000 people living in a very poor environment. Especially since the closest first aid is about 50km away.


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