how work metalblock

metablock is a safe and stable token based on gold. with metablock you finance mining extraction and get equivalent in gold at maturity.
Is like a bond , is like a future , is like be part of business in a single word is metalblock

Metalblcok has been thought in a way that serves the marketplace without risks of losing value, without the influence of the political temperature or the empty political campaign offers, it is conceptually just the best of the past, with the most innovative technology of the future. No tradeoffs, no issuance of coins without backing (like Bitcoin), no gimmicks. Metalblcok has secured under a Full GOLDBACKED reserve extracted from a concession title issued by the government of IVORY COST (see docs) , for more than 600 hectares, and valid for ever and ever. The trust instrument is based on the England, and the company that owns METALBLOCK token. This simple legal concept will always guarantee that the value of  METALBLOCK can NEVER shrink.

How much are our mining rights worth?

in order to calculate its value, find below some facts assumptions: Gold has a 100% value when it is deposited at a bank. It has a 60% to 99% of the value when it has been extracted at the mine and goes through the entire process of transporting, melting, refining and exporting. It has a value of 10% when it has not been mined yet (our case). We have 100 hectares of mining concession Some Data for the Calculation in the permit subject of investment and analisys:
– Alluvial Zone is from 0 to 10 meters deep Alluvial Tenor (content of gold per ton of alluvial dirt) = 3 grams – Permit are just 30 meters down Density of Alluvial dirt: 1.8 tons per cubic meter 1 million grams of gold equals to 1 ton
1 ton of gold at today’s market price is about $60 million

Results: Grams per cubic meter: 3 x 1.8 = 5.4 grams (minimum quantity)
In the firsts 10 meter, we work only 3 meter:
If we dig 3 meter = 5.4(grams/ton) x 3 Meters = 16.2 grams x meter of the area
Potential deposit for hectare: 16.2 x 10.000 sm = 162.000 grams In the wild, purity of gold is 92/93 %
Grams per hectare: 162.000 x 92% =149.020 Grams of purity gold per hectare
1 gram of gold have a quotation medium in this days around 1.500$ x once, as 52.91$ per gram
Value of deposit per hectare: 149.020 gr x 52.91 $ = 7.884.648,20 $

MetalBlock Schema

Our coin is not, by any means, a speculative instrument like Bitcoin and the others.

The logic of us token is very simple :
Spam SRL has a license for mining rights 100 hectares to extract mineral (license permit are to DBD International Sarl, an Ivory Coast company controlled 47% by Spam.
After analysis, we have 55.192.537,40 $ in the first 7 hectares this amount of GOLD, AND SILVER (10.080.504,00 $) to be extracted We issue in total not more than 10% value of expected gold value per analysis.
After raise funds, SPAM SRL start extraction of GOLD and Silver.
MetalBlock (under the company of Daisy Consulting LTD) have the right to receive equivalent gold 100% of the token issued stored by a third party before 18 months.

It’s a Joint Venture where from one side tokens metalblock funds project of extraction Gold, in as benefit have physical gold stored  (at maturity) to grant value of the amount of token.

Funds raised will be used according to this schema.

  •  20% for a team of developers.
  •  70% for extraction activity and insurance of token
  •  5% for ethic projects (hospital/school)
  •  5% for marketing

when the investor decides to buy token have a discount from the spot price of gold according to the proposal on website
At maturity, Token will have equivalent stored in the third party of GOLD due extraction activity.
At maturity, the token is just a digitalized certificate of deposit of gold 100% backed.
Token is always tradable, after maturity in anycase Daisy Consulting LTD or any other company ex. SPAM SRL who have right on metalblock will proupose a bid at 7% discount
gold spot price for equivalents of token.


Company number 11839880 Registered office address71-75 Shelton Street, London, Greater London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ